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After School Based Mentoring Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Ohio provides an after school-based mentoring program to children in grades three through five in elementary schools located throughout Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties. The program is designed to help children develop positive attitudes towards school, build their self-esteem and have fun while improving their natural abilities and social skills. The program is held one day a week during the school year and lasts approximately 2 hours immediately after school.

The program is coordinated by a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member who is on-site at all times. Children are recommended into the program by their teachers, counselors, or parents.

High school student volunteers are recruited to act as Big Brothers and Big Sisters to the children in the after school program. All volunteers go to the elementary schools during their assigned times.

The after school program is not located in every elementary school. Check with school offices to see if your school participates in a Big Brothers Big Sisters after school mentoring program.

After School Programs for Littles

Enrolling a Child in a After School Based Mentoring Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Ohio offers an after school mentoring program to elementary schools throughout Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties. The purpose of the program is to help grade school children develop positive attitudes towards school, build self-esteem and have fun while improving their social skills and natural abilities.

The after school mentoring program is available to children in grades 3-5.

How the Programs Work

Children are recommended into an after school program by their teachers, counselor or parents. The school will send home an informational letter and application to the child’s parent/guardian. Or, parents may download an application packet directly by clicking on the link below.  The completed application should be returned to the school, or may be mailed directly to the Big Brothers Big Sisters office, and the child’s name will be added to the program.

Each after school mentoring program meets one day each week, typically for two hours after regular school hours. The day of the program and the time (usually 3:00 – 5:00) are determined by the school. There are no school programs on Friday.  ALL volunteers are to come directly to the elementary school to which they are assigned. They must provide their own transportation.

No fees

There are no fees associated with our after school mentoring program. The program is free to all children enrolled. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides all materials for activities and crafts. We also provide a snack and drink to each child.


After School Programs for BIGS

Become A School Based Big Brother or Big Sister:

We typically recruit high school students to become volunteer mentors in our after school programs.  High school students interested in becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister in a school mentoring program should contact our office to find out which elementary schools are participating in the program.

Volunteers are encouraged to check your high school schedule to see when our representatives will be in your school during the month of September. However, at any time during the year you may download a Volunteer Application Packet directly by clicking on the link below.

Complete and sign the forms and mail them to our office. Upon receipt of the application, students will be contacted to schedule an interview and receive information about training.  We ask that volunteer BIG must make at least a school year long commitment to the program.

Volunteer Advantage: Volunteering touches everyone in some way. Both the volunteer and the child benefit grow and are changed by the experience. Sometimes the results of volunteer efforts are immediately apparent. Often the effects are realized long after the experience is over.

High school students, you will not only be helping a child, becoming a BIG is a great way to:

  • earn community service hours
  • try out a new career
  • add to college and job applications
  • feel a personal sense of accomplishment
  • experience greater self esteem and a sense of purpose

If you are interested in being a positive role model and a friend to a child, our school based mentoring program could be perfect for you.