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Partner with BBBSNEO

A Partnership with BBBSNEO! What’s in it for you.

Businesses who partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Ohio have found an effective and visible way to invest in the communities in which they do business.  Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters has been proven to make a measurable, long-lasting impact on our local schools and communities and the kids in them.  But, it’s also a very smart business decision, one that can have a tangible benefits and a positive impact on you company.

A Little investment can make a BIG difference.  Click on our Partner/Sponsor Brochure for more details.

You’ll get an increase in employee engagement and performance.

Research shows employees – even those that don’t volunteer – feel greater pride and loyalty toward an employer that supports a respected cause like BBBS; and encourages workers to get involved. Those that do volunteer return toward with renewed enthusiasm.  And, because BBBS mentoring relies on team-building, volunteers often say the experience has strengthened their relationships with co-workers and increased their commitment to their employer.

You’ll get a stronger public image.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Ohio is a well-respected brand with a sterling reputation in the marketplace. Our name is widely recognized and our cause well-respected.  Linking your name with ours will help your company develop a more favorable image within your local community and national markets.

We have a strong track record of building partnerships that benefit both your company and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Ohio.  As a result of our partnerships, many kids and their families also win BIG!

To discuss becoming a Corporate Sponsor, call Marianne Gaydos, Director of Donor Development at (440) 352-2526 x 14 or email her at mgaydos@bbbsneo.org.



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